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This list will be updated with 2017 teachers as we get closer to the event. In the meantime, you can check out all the talent from last year to give you a taste of what's on offer.

Workshop Teachers 2016

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Just another guy who likes to spin the things!

I've been recently introduced to the wider community and find it astonishing that we are all eager to learn how to simply spin something that may or may not be on fire.

I work a simple life as the pizza man and practice prop manipulation in my spare time for the fun of it!

I've been practicing my way into dirt patches in my backyard (true story) and want to share what I knows in order to become an effective teacher!

Lets learn the thing together!
*happy dance*

Poi 101

Equipment: Poi
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements:If you'd like to write down all the timings and directions and the name of all the planes bring a pen/paper! It's good (not just poi) but prop spinning knowledge. *Optional*

Workshop Description: The workshop will cover the things you will come across every time you spin poi: timing/direction, control points and planes.

In other words, how the poi spin relative to each other, how we feed momentum to the poi and the tracts or lines that we spin the poi.

After we move through these we will get to some specific moves starting with the different ways to do a buzzsaw! Hooray! Buzzsaw! And other basic moves also :)


Equipment: Poi
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: Knowing how to do these moves will be handy for the later parts of the workshop - 2 & 3 beat weaves forwards and backwards and windmill. **Antispin only for the last part of the workshop**

Workshop Description: What is a body-tracer?
When we spin our control point close to the lines in our body, we create a three-dimensional effect that is the tracer.. which looks really cool!

Why Tracers?
Tracers can be put anywhere! Tracers aren’t a specific trick but another way to move poi.
They can definitely be inserted anywhere at anytime in your spinning!

A real favourite of mine! Body tracers are neat!

Lou Myers

Lou Myers

Lou is a semi-professional procrastinator and advanced level randomologist, originating from Adelaide. She currently lives in the remote Aboriginal APY lands in the central Australian Desert, working as a secondary high school teacher.

Lou discovered spinning and circus in 2004 and life has been an adventure since.

Often observed with camera in hand, Lou loves to photograph people enjoying life, especially at festivals. Most likely to be accompanied by internationally recognised travel companion, Spinach Stegosaurus.

Catchphrase: ‘All the things!’



Equipment: Fire Fans
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Your own set of fire fans.

Workshop Description: Learn how to move with fire fans. This workshop includes tech fans skills and will cover:
- Grip
- Planes
- Spinning & Extensions
- Placement: Using space around your body
- REELS -  Forward/Reverse reels, body tracing, hip reels/shoulder reels/reel turn
- WEAVES – 2 Beat weave Forward/Reverse

Depending on the skills of the participants and they style of fans they have, more fans skills may be added on the day.

Fans Choreography

Equipment: Fire Fans
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Must do "Fans" workshop (above).

Workshop Description: Combining the skills learnt in the "Fans" workshop to create a choreographed routine for Sunday nights fire show.

Hooping - Beginner

Equipment: Hula Hoop
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: Have a go at hooping! It's not that hard if you use the right hoop (most adults are using a kids hoop and that will never work!). Learn the basics of waist hooping, neck hooping, leg hooping and hooping on your arms.

Hooping - Beyond Beginner

Equipment: Hula Hoop
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Participant Requirements: Need to know some basic hoopinging so that you can build on that with new tricks.

Workshop Description: If you've got the basics of hooping going - waist, neck, hands etc. come and learn what else you can do with a hoop.

Balloon Twisting

Equipment: Balloons!
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None.

Workshop Description: Come and learn how to make a dog, flower and sword out of balloons.

If you already have some balloon twisting skills, come and lend a hand and teach us what you know. Let's see what crazy things we can make together!

Duffy Adams

Duffy Adams

Tall dark and handsome....who wants me?!


Staff - Beginner

Equipment: Staff
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: Learn the basics of spinning a single staff. This workshop is perfect if you've never done staff or have limited staff spinning experience.


Equipment: Single and Double Nunchux
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: A fun and relaxed introduction to nunchucks that focuses on free flow. Open to anyone.

Foam padded chucks are safe and fun for all. Class is flexible enough to accommodate all levels, with the option to buy a training set after class, to continue at home if desired.

Shanan Norman

Shanan Norman

Been spinning for over four years, and this will be my third SpunOut. Big into poi, staff, dragon staff...

Amped up to teach, learn, and jam with anyone and everyone.

Taming the Dragon - Chi Roll Basics

Equipment: Dragon Staff
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: No skill needed, we'll be learning basic control over a dragon.

Your own dragon staff is advised.

Workshop Description: Control is everything. Come and learn how to tame the majestic dragon (staff) in zen.

Focusing on chi-rolls and basic control, this beginners class is designed to get you comfortable with your dragon and allow you to build off, and then futher your skill with a dragon staff.

The Next Step

Equipment: Dragon Staff
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Participant Requirements: Have a dragon staff to use.

Must know chi rolls or have been to "Taming the Dragon" workshop.

Workshop Description: Now that you've got your chi rolls down it's time to learn how to do it horizontal!

Horizontal rolling, chi rolls, and everything you'll need to get to the next level with your dragon.

Nat Mack

Nat is a rainbow...but mess with her and she'll drop you with her nunchux!


Twin Staff - Beginner

Equipment: Two staffs
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: Can you spin a staff, and want to give two a try? This is where the fun is at! Exercise your brain and shoulders as you learn the fundamentals of manipulating 2x staffs as once!

Learn the basics of using two staffs at the same time - timing and direction, planes and grips, reels, antispins and isolations.

Nicole Gordon

Nicole Gordon

Nicole has been part of the Perth Fire Group since she was in those awkward teenage years...and look how good she turned out! Don't underestimate what this little pocket rocket is capable of!


Intro to Fire, Fire Eating & Body Tracing

Equipment: Fire Eating Sticks
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: This workshop is taught with fire. Please wear appropriate clothing (facial hair could be a problem!).

Workshop Description: Learn about working with fire and the basics of close contact fire manipulation.

Using small fire eating sticks, you will learn how to safely touch fire, run it across the palms of your hands and up your arms.

We will then move onto learning the basic techniques for fire eating.

This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to twirl with fire, as it will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with fire safely and in close proximity.

Screen Printing

Equipment: You will need to bring something to screen print onto (we provide the rest).
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Must bring a CLEAN item of clothing (no underwear, clean or not!). Ideally, bring a plain t-shirt or hoodie (no fuzzy fabric).

Workshop Description: Get the 2016 SpunOut logo printed on to your own item of clothing! Clothing must allow for an A4 size screen to be placed flat into it. This works best with t-shirts, singlets or wide trouser legs. Screens will be single colour only, with a variety of paint colours to choose from.


Gnor is a sword wielding Elf Queen and the wisest elder of the Perth Fire Group. All her workshops are held in Elvish, so you better start brushing up if you want to learn anything from her!


Henna Making

Equipment: The magical stuff you make henna from (provided)
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: Henna is a form of semi-permanent body art originating from India.

In this workshop you will learn how to make henna paste. This paste will then be used on Saturday and Sunday to apply the henna designs.

Henna - Applying Designs

Equipment:Henna paste (provided)
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: In this workshop you will learn how to apply henna designs to the skin to get the best results. Books of traditional henna designs will also be available to use.

The Jed

Jed Fowler

Jed....THE JED!

He has a pretty face…but wait, there’s more…he’s also damn good a pretty much everything! It’s actually quite irritating.

There’s almost nothing you can teach him that he doesn’t already know. Or, more annoyingly, he’ll pick it up straight away and do it better than you!

Don’t teach him anything. Keep your best moves to yourself and don't attend his workshops either, as your brain will hurt and may explode from the effort.


Foundations of Contact Staff

Equipment: Contact Staff
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: Have a staff with lots of good grip.

Workshop Description: We'll go over all the foundations of contact staff in this workshop. We will cover all the things you should've been told regarding contact staff manipulation. Attend this workshop and get a solid understanding of this prop and how it works, not just a few new tricks under your belt!


Equipment: Staff
Level: Intermediate

Participant Requirements: Bring a decent staff along! Have basic knowledge of staff twirling.

Workshop Description: What is Antispin? What is antirolling? Come learn how to antispin a staff, and if you're keen, we'll learn some antispin/antiroll contact staff too!

All The Families of Poi

Equipment: Poi
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: Did you know that poi moves can be grouped together into families? Well they can! Come an learn what these families are and how you can expand on an existing poi moves by exploring the other moves in it's family. (Why does that sound dirty and wrong?! Or is it just me?....It's just me, isn't it?!)

Poi Butterfly Variations

Equipment: Poi
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Be able to do "butterfly" with your poi.

Workshop Description: This workshop focuses on the butterfly family of poi moves. If you can do "butterfly" with your poi, come and explore all the moves you can do that originate from butterfly. There's a lot!

Dangerous Fire Gear

Equipment: Big Flame Gear!
Level: Intermediate

Participant Requirements: Willingness to get burnt!

Workshop Description: Staff of Death, Cannonball poi, swords, flame projectors, whips. Learn how to use the props that produce BIG fire! Warning. You will probably get burnt!

Glenn Huxtable

Glenn Huxtable

Glenn has been facilitating community drumcircles for almost ten years, including the past two SpunOut's. He likes nothing more than sharing his love of community music making with others.


Community Drumcircle

Equipment: Drums and percussion supplied, or BYO.
Level:All levels

Participant Requirements: A heartbeat.

Workshop Description: When we drum, we synchronise our mind and body rhythms, we entrain with the rhythms of others, and we connect as a community through our shared rhythms.

The community drumcircle leads raw beginners and experienced drummers alike through making in-the-moment music to create an amazing non-verbal communication, interaction and collaboration. What's more, it's a lot of fun!


Jorja Christensen

Jorja Christensen

Following in her father's wheel-prints, Jorja has returned to uphold his questionable, sometimes inappropriate legacy. Her unicyling, juggling, clowning, diabolo, and being sexy skills are famed throughout the land, often referred to as, “barely adequate” or “passable at a pinch”.

Arrested for indecent assault (with bike pants), Colin is unable to attend Spunout this year. So, no longer in her father's shadow, witness Jorja, heir to the lycra throne, spread her wings, slip on a banana peel, and fall flat on her face!

Performance Group Name:
Bolton Unicycle Group (B.U.G.)

Intro to Unicycling

Equipment: Unicycle (Some supplied, BYO if you have one.)
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: A keen desire to fall off one wheel.

Workshop Description: Ever wanted to know how to fall artistically? This workshop will get you on top of a unicycle and clinging to a wall/friend/stranger for dear life as you try to get a rotation or two of the wheel in before the uni shoots out from between your legs and into a person walking through the hall.

If you can successfully ride a few metres without aid, then I will endeavour to teach you how to get up on the uni without a wall or post and give you some tips to keep you riding the distance.

Note: I'm not as good as Colin.

Intro to Stilt Walking

Equipment: Stilts
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: Preferably two legs, but one will do if that's all you have. Also shoes, not flip flops.

Workshop Description: Ever wanted to give stilts a go? This is a no pressure environment to give it a shot.

We will focus on walking with a guide (person or uprights) and correct form walking for bouncing stilts.

This workshop will only be for complete novices who need aid to walk in stilts.

If you can already do this then come see me for So You think you can walk? STILT OLYMPICS!

Note: I'm way better than Colin at stilt walking. Way better!

So you think you can walk?

Equipment: Short chinese stilts (aka pegs) (1.2m or less) BYO
Level: Advanced

Participant Requirements: Knee pads, wrist protection and the knowledge that you may fall off your stilts. Parental permission may be needed for minors.

Workshop Description: Too long has the Stilt Walking rule of my father been gospel! Too long have we only walked up and down a patio! TOO LONG HAVE WE BEEN SCARED TO FALL OVER!

The Stilt Olympics will be an event like no other; sit down, grab a picnic, and cheer on our entrants.

There will be an obstacle course for intermediate to advanced walkers to simulate real world stilt walking, a collect the flags game and many more hilariously funny competitions all ending with a crowd chosen winner!

Michael Walker

Men want to be me. Women want to be with me. You know me, you love me. It's the man of the moment, the man behind the myth, the man with no concept of modesty. It is Mikey!


Staff Throws and Catches

Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Basic staff twirling skills

Workshop Description: Learn how to throw and catch a single staff in a veriety of different ways. This adds a bit of flair to any staff routine!

Movement/Body Awareness

Equipment: Your body.
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: A body and a willingness to move it.

Workshop Description: Exercises and theory on movement with props. These can be applied to any prop you wish to learn during the weekend.

Lara Stanley

Lara has the grace and beauty of an angel and the strength and coordination of a ninja. Come fly with this aerial ninja and explore the skies for yourself.

Performance Group Name:
Rapture Arts




Equipment: Lyra (hanging hoop thing)
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: A willingness to try.

Workshop Description: The Lyra is an aerial hoop, sort of like a trapeze but round. In this workshop you can learn some Lyra basics. It's all about having a go.

Hugh Dittrich 'n' James Bryant

Hugh and James

More people should learn to juggle, just throwing it out there. If you agree then join the club. We've both been juggling for some time and we've finally got the balls to run a workshop (hopefully, we don't get sacked). Catch you all at some workshops.

Performance Group Name:
Dash & Dapper


3 Ball Juggling - Beginner

Equipment: Juggling balls/sacks
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: Having arms and maybe hands will help.

Workshop Description: Learn to juggle three balls, maybe some juggler's tennis or other snazzy tricks if you get the hang of the basic cascade.

Pirateman Michael

Pirateman Michael


Ya-yo Ya yo!

Dreamin', don't give it up Michael.
Dreamin', don't give it up Jedly.
Dreamin', don't give it up Hana!
Dreamin', don't gi-give it up give it up give it up give it up give it-no!

Here's how the story goes we find out, about a treasure at SpunOut there's no doubt.

The pirates whose eyes on it he'll sing "I'll be King of the Pirates, I'm goin' to be King!"

Ya-yo, Ya-yo, Ya-yo, uh-oh!
His name is Michael (that's Pirateman Michael). Goin' to be king of the pirates.

He's made of talent (how did that happen?) Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of gum-gum

Ya-yo, Ya yo!

Set sail for SpunOut, it's the name of the event at Lake Leschenaultia.

Ya-yo, Ya-yo set sail for SpunOut!

Performance Group Name:
Pirateman Michael



Buugeng Blitz!

Equipment: Buugeng and/or S-Staff
Level: Intermediate

Participant Requirements: Have some knowledge/experience of flow arts (i.e. plains, spinning, figure 8's... etc).

Have taken a previous staff/poi workshop at SpunOut 2016

Workshop Description: Ever seen Buugeng before and been blown away? Buugeng look incredibly effective in use, so in this workshop we'll be using some S-Staff's to learn how to use them with some of the moves we already know.

Looking primarily at figure 8's/one beats, finger control/spins and most importantly keeping the plain while spinning on your fingers or in your hand. Some more advenced concepts like isolations, anti-spins and others will be implemented in this workshop.

Concepts of Contact Juggling

Equipment:Contact Juggling Ball
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: You need your hands!

Workshop Description: In this workshop, students will learn some basic concepts of contact juggling in a practical environment.

Concepts include:
-palm rolls
-arm rolls

More experience students can be shown some more advanced moves, with multiple spheres or with larger spheres.

Principles of Puppetry

Equipment: Puppets
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements:Bring a pair of full finger gloves you don't mind getting cut up & a pair of buttons, goggly eyes, glass eyes... etc.

Workshop Description: Yes... you heard me! In this workshop we will be playing with puppets.

PoP explores using puppets in ways to tell stories by adding character and interaction to your spinning practice or performances. We'll also be looking at the props that you spin with and giving them a new level of "life", whether you perform professionally, hobbiest or if you just like to muck around with friends.

A practical part of the workshop will be making your own glove puppet, so be sure to bring a pair of gloves and some eyes to make one. This workshop is great for kids too!

If you don't bring gloves, spare/scrap material will be provided along with a sewing machine to make a pair of gloves from scratch.

Jarrod Pennells

Jarrod Pennells

Hiya! Jarrod is my name. I've been fire spinning for about 2 years now and I recently decided to make it part of my profession.

I'm a bit of a pyro, but then again who here isn't?!

I'm here to help other beginners get their teeth sunk into the fire arts any way I can.

Can't wait to see y'all there!



Equipment: Staff
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: Confidence using a fire staff.

Workshop Description: Learn one of the funnest and most important things you can do with fire props... The Burn-off!

This is a super handy thing to know how to do because not only is it a great way to start a show, it also prevents fuel from flying everywhere whilst you're spinning.

During this workshop you'll learn when and how to perform a safe (well as safe as it can be when playing fire) and impressive burn-off!

All are welcome! However be aware whilst this workshop is oriented for beginners, it is preferable you've at least gotten used to being around fire, since burn-offs can be quite daunting.

Michael Eaton

Michael Eaton

I'm a freelance videographer that specialises in filming fire performances and fire photography.


Fire Photography

Equipment: Camera
Level: Beginner

Participant Requirements: Ideally, a DSLR camera, tripod and basic knowledge of camera use. If you don't have these, just bring the camera you do have and we'll see what we can do.

Workshop Description: A workshop for photographers of any age or experience level wanting to learn how to take a great photo of fire performers.

There will be many different fire toys to work with and I will show you how to get the best photos out of your performer.

I will teach you how to use the right settings on your camera for different styles of photos, from long exposure to get trails of fire, to how how to capture bad ass photos of the flame thrower.

Claire Southall

Claire Southall

Swing baby...yeah! Groovy!


Club Swinging

Equipment: Swing Clubs
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: None

Workshop Description: This workshop shows you how to swing a pair of clubs like a calisthenics pro! These skills can be added into a club juggling routine or done with fire swing clubs too.

Hana Priest

Hana Priest

I like playing with fire....all the fire! I also love our weird and wacky community. The Perth Fire Group is my extended family.

I run this things called SpunOut. Hope you like it!

Performance Group Name:
Fire Girl
Dangerous Delights

Dangerous Delights Entertainment


Equipment: Your Bod!
Level: All levels

Participant Requirements: A body. Arms and legs optional.

Workshop Description: You need to stretch before you take on the workshops on offer at SpunOut. Stretches will help you loosen up and prevent injury. Make sure you streeeeetch!


Fire & Circus

23rd - 27th Nov 2017

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